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MicroMax Triport
MicroMax Triport
Model DM7028

Availability: Usually ships the next business day.

Price: $159.11
On sale: $69.75

MicroMax Triport
To be used in conjunction with AVE VSI Pro.

Compatible with
  • MicroMax POS System

    Tech Details
  • DB25 Pin Back to Back Passive Serial Tap to DB9 Pin connector
  • Cable length: 3 Feet Approx.
  • Shipping Weight: Less than 1 LBS

    Brief Instructions
    1. Video out from the camera goes to video in on the VSI Pro. This camera typically watches the general area, including the register, counter, employee and customer.
    2. Most low end registers require the installation of an RS-232 board from the register vendor. Some registers utilisean RS-232 printer tap, while others with no RS-232 ability

    must be fitted with an additional interface module which converts the printer data to RS-232 for the VSI Pro.
    3. Video out from the VSI Pro goes on to the existing video system.
    4. Video out to the monitor.
    5. The EX function gives you 2 hard alarm outputs to trigger alarming VCR's, Quads, or other alarming devices for Exception reporting allowing easy review of exceptional

    sales, or Instant reviewing on DVR's

    Package Includes
  • One MicroMax Triport. 1 Year Limited Warranty.

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